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06 July 2017

Never miss a message, even when a colleague is temporarily unavailable!

We’ve added a new feature: the ‘All conversations’ tab. You can find the tab in the navigation bar below your name. ‘All conversations’ lets you view the conversations of all dashboard users. When a colleague is temporarily unavailable, you’ve got access to all of their open conversations. You can pick up any conversations still left open and take care of them yourself. Or you can forward the conversation to another colleague using the dashboard, so they can finish helping the customer.  

This prevents conversations left hanging and customers’ questions going unanswered. Of course you’d like to assist your customers quickly and efficiently, and this option makes it a lot easier! 

The all conversations overview can only be accessed by a dashboard administrator. Support employees don’t have access to this feature.



Brecht van Megen


05 July 2017

Add our Livechat to your website!

Starting today you can add Livechat to your website! Livechat is a support channel installed directly on your website. The website displays a chat window visitors can click to start a live chat. You can help customers more quickly and personally while they visit your website. By offering Livechat you remove the barrier of having to look for contact details, and you can reach out to more potential customers. 



Connecting to your website only takes a couple of minutes, and once done you can get to work right away. You only have to set up once to help any number of visitors. You can change the colour scheme of the chat window to match your organisations’s style and identity. Set an automated welcome message to invite the visitor to start a conversation. 

Save a lot of time by having multiple conversations simultaneously without loss of quality, unlike telephone conversations. Visitors can contact your organisation at the click of a button, they’re not waiting on hold, and they get an answer to their question within seconds! 

How do you add Livechat? 

Instruction video 

Check out the instruction video below. Scroll down to read step-by-step instructions. 

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to Settings, click Add/edit channels and then click Livechat. Click Create new Livechat. 
  2. Enter the URL for the website you wish to add Livechat to, then click Proceed.  
  3. An installation code will appear on the screen. This is the code you have to add to your website. To read how to do this yourself, continue with step 4.
    Is your website managed by someone else? Then click on Send code to website administrator, enter the required details, and continue with step 5. 
  4. Copy the code and paste it at the end of the <body> tags of your website. Please note: make sure to paste the code in between the body tags, not outside them.  
  5. As soon as you’re done, click on Code has been installed and then on Check. 
  6. Once the code has been successfully installed, you’ll receive a notification. Click Proceed to set up Livechat. 
  7. Enter any relevant details, like company name, status and an optional welcome message. 
  8. Personalise the chat window shown on your site by setting the colours. 
  9. Click on Save and you’re ready to start helping your customers with Livechat! 

Brecht van Megen


05 July 2017

Rights activated in Watermelon

Starting today rights have been activated for the dashboard. This means the platform now distinguishes between administrators and support employees. The moment you create an account, you automatically become the administrator. When you create a new user, you can choose to make them an administrator or a support employee, depending on the rights you want to give the user.


As an administrator you control the settings for the entire platform. You can create users, add and remove channels and you can help customers from the dashboard. 

At the moment the dashboard is still in development, but as soon as the All conversations overview and Statistics have been added to Watermelon Messenger, you as administrator will also have access to these features. The All conversations overview lets you view the conversations of all dashboard users. When a colleague is away, for example because of illness, you can personally take over any conversations left open, or forward them to other colleagues. Statistics let you check your team’s response time, compare how many conversations come in on different channels, and more. 

Support employee

As a support employee you can help customers from the dashboard, change your own details and set the language of your dashboard. As soon as the statistics feature has been added to the dashboard, you’ll also be able to review your own statistics. 



Brecht van Megen


28 April 2017

You can now pay by credit card or bank transfer.

Apart from iDeal, it’s now also possible to pay by credit card or bank transfer. When you upgrade your plan or extend your subscription, you’ll be able to pick these new payment methods!  

Credit Card

Paying online by credit card is pretty easy. While you’re upgrading or extending your plan, when asked which payment method you want to use click on ‘credit card’ and then on ‘confirm’. You’ll now be redirected to finish the payment process. 

You can pay using the following credit card types: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Cartes Bancaires en CartaSi. Enter the name of the card holder, credit card number, expiry date, and validation code. The click ‘pay’. When your details have been checked and confirmed, the payment will be debited from your credit card. You’ll receive a confirmation email in your inbox. 

Bank Transfer 

You can also simply transfer the payment by bank transfer.  When you upgrade or extend your plan, select ‘bank transfer’ and then click ‘confirm’. You’ll be redirected to an overview of the payable amount and the payment reference. You’ll also receive the details by email. Then you can transfer the amount using your online banking service, at your convenience.

Instead of having to write down the payment details and entering them manually, we offer the possibility to scan a QR code to complete your payment. You can do this through the banking apps of ING and bunq. This way you’ll prevent any mistakes, because the correct payment details are already added to the app after scanning. 

If you don’t use a QR code and accidentally make a mistake while entering your payment details, the amount will be automatically refunded. Processing a transfer usually takes one or two days. The email will contain a link where you can check up on the status of your payment. This way you don’t have to check yourself whether a payment has been received. Transfer the money before the final date mentioned in the email and your plan will be upgraded or extended.  



Brecht van Megen


20 April 2017

Start emailing your customers from Watermelon Messenger! 

Starting today you can add your email to Watermelon Messenger. Almost any type of email address can be integrated. 

Possible email addresses:

  • Google mail
  • Outlook
  • Office 365
  • Your own server


Add your email

To connect your email account to Watermelon Messenger, you have to follow a few steps. First go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Add/edit channel’, select ‘Email’ and click on ‘Create new email account’. Proceed with the following steps for the email account you want to add.  

Add Outlook/Office 365

Select ‘Outlook’ or ‘Office 365’. The incoming and outgoing server, the ports and the SSL settings should be displayed automatically. Enter your name, email address and password. Add an optional signature and click on ‘Save’. Your email account has now been added! 

Add Gmail

Select ‘Gmail’ and click on ‘Add your Gmail account’. Make sure you’re logged into the Gmail account you want to add. The email address you’re logged in on is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. Click ‘Allow’ to give Watermelon Messenger access to you Gmail. Add an optional signature and click on ‘Save’. Your Gmail account has now been added! 

Add your own email

Select ‘Other’. Where it says incoming server, enter your IMAP, and for outgoing server enter your SMPT. Enter the port numbers and indicate whether your ingoing and outgoing server use an SSL connection. All of these details are listed with your domain hosting provider. Enter your name, the email address and password. Add an optional signature and click on ‘Save’. Your email account has now been added! 


Add signature

You have the choice to add a signature to the email account you’ve added. Go to email settings, fill in the signature and add an optional image (logo). 

The image has to be a public link. You can turn an image into a link by adding it to your website’s media library and using the link created. Would you like to use your logo that’s already displayed on your website? Then you can search Google for the logo, click ‘view image’ and copy the link in the address bar. 

Finally, click ‘Save’ to add your signature. 


Send emails

Once your email account has been added, all emails sent to your account will be displayed in Watermelon Messenger. You can take up an email under New conversations and answer it from the dashboard. 

We’ve also made an instruction video which offers a step-by-step visual guide to adding your email account. 


Brecht van Megen


15 February 2017

Watermelon Messenger is now available in English.

Do you have international colleagues who don’t speak Dutch? No problem, starting today, they too can use Watermelon Messenger. Although the dashboard is set to Dutch by default, you can simply select your language by going to ‘Settings’ (‘Instellingen’). For now we only support Dutch and English, but in future we’ll be adding more language options. 

Switching languages

To switch to the English dashboard first go to ‘Settings’ (‘Instellingen’), then click on ‘Switch language’ (‘Taal wijzigen’) and select ‘English’ (‘Engels’). Switching the system back to Dutch is just as simple! 

Watermelon Messenger 


Brecht van Megen


1 February 2017

Watermelon Messenger beta is live! 

After many months hard work we’re finally live! Today, 1 February 2017, Watermelon Messenger launches its beta version! 


What is beta? 

A beta version is a version of the software which is already (partly) functional. This means the system is not yet entirely finished. This is a version of the software released to be tested by users, so they can provide us with valuable feedback.  


What can the system do now?

Right now, you can already use Facebook Messenger and Telegram! You can add your account to Watermelon Messenger and use the system to chat with your customers. You can also forward conversations to your colleagues and receive files like images and video’s. 

Starting in april, you’ll also be able to add your email account to Watermelon Messenger. And you’ll have the option to archive your chats, and set and edit your profile picture.  The system will become multilingual. And soon you’ll be able to send attachments like images, files and video’s. In April we’ll also be adding new payment methods like bank transfer and direct debit. 


Get started with Watermelon Messenger

To help you get started and make sure you make the most of our system’s features, we’ve compiled a starter guide for you. Check out the starter guide and get to work in no time!


Brecht van Megen